Wifi sprinkler system Smart Controller Indoor/Outdoor

Wifi Sprinkler System from Orbit is an intuitive, smart sprinkler technology. The Wifi Sprinkler Controller is made of top-notch materials. It is available for new installation or replacement. You can choose from 6 stations or 12 stations model that comes with an indoor and outdoor locking cabinet.

Wifi  System can be controlled from your Android phone or iOS devices or through a computer. Its intuitiveness is unparallel. The device provides accurate weather data that helps with the right amount for the watering for plants and lawns. It is capable of postponing watering when it is about to rain. This device is truly smart. It is also very durable.

This System Orbit can be controlled from anywhere in the world. It is a very powerful device that is very sensible which allows you to be in control of the watering system. There are 3 different program setting. You can also control it manually from the device if you do not want to use the app.

Sprinkler System Orbit is so easy to wire. The wiring terminates at the controller. It supports 6 zones and 12 zones as the case may be. The set up of the Sprinkler is very similar to other Wifi-based home devices. First, is to connect it to the network of the device, after that, you can enter your home network settings so that you can switch over easily to your network. You can use the app to control the watering or you can use the Smart Watering technology to automate the watering system from the Wifi Sprinkler itself.


  1. It has rain delay automation – With its Smart Watering technology, you can set rain delays easily. Saving water makes a lot of sense.
  2. It saves water and money – The Sprinkler helps you to save water and money. When it rains, the device does not bother to water the plants. That means your water bills won’t go up.
  3. Water Sense capability – The Wifi Sprinkler is able to forecast the weather. It instantly shuts off the water when it starts to rain. It is sensible enough to reschedule watering after the rain had interrupted the initial schedule. That’s smart.
  4. Wifi control capability – You can control the watering very easily using your smartphone – Andriod or iOs tablets. It is also possible to control it through the timer right from the interface of the controller.
  5. Powerful app – The device ensures smart watering which can be done through the app. Just download the app and install on your phone. That’s it. The power to control the watering from anywhere in the world is now in your hands
  6. Easy to install – The Wifi Sprinkler is so easy to install through the wing panel and the angled terminal. The wiring can be completed in less than 5 minutes
  7. Easy to control – You can easily control the watering anywhere. You go activate the watering system when going to the office in the morning and stop it from the office in the afternoon. What else is the meaning of smart? What the control needs is just for you to have a Wifi connection.


Wifi Sprinkler system is the real deal for the watering of your farm, garden, plants, and lawns. The fact that you can control it from anywhere makes it very interesting. The good part is that the device is so easy to set up and control. It also helps you to conserve water. Smart watering is the way to go. Don’t just do the watering, do it the smart way with Wifi Watering System and put your mind at rest.

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