Traveling Sprinkler Covers up to 13,500 square feet

Traveling Sprinkler 58322 from Orbit is the surefire way to water your lawns, farms, and gardens effortlessly. Watering should be automated with a Sprinkler such as this. The Sprinkler moves around on its own without any human interventions. The device has 3-position control such as High, Low and Neutral. The Sprinkler can follow the hose depending on the pattern that is chosen. It has spray arms that can easily be adjusted without much stress. Its spray arms can be adjusted from 15 feet to 55 feet.

Traveling Sprinkler Orbit 58322 can travel as far as covering up to 13,500 square feet. It can also travel with any hose even if the hose is more than 200 feet long. When the Sprinkler is on “High”, it can travel more than 37 feet per hour. If it is on “Low”, it can travel up to 21 feet per hour. The Sprinkler is rust-proof. It is made of cast iron body. The Sprinkler is very reliable and durable too.

Traveling Sprinkler-watering


  1. Travelling Sprinkler is self-propelled. It has a 3-position control that is capable of traveling with any hose to any length up to 200 feet
  2. Travelling Sprinkler covers approximately 13,500 square feet. It has an automated shut-off that is capable of stopping the watering of plants immediately
  3. Travelling Sprinkler is rust-proof. It is made of a cast-iron body which guarantees stability and durability. This Sprinkler is made to last for a long time.

Travelling Sprinkler is suited for all lawns –

  1. The Sprinkler is well suited for small and large lawns. The arms can be adjusted with ease to cover more areas with ease.
  2. Travelling Sprinkler is dependable and reliable – The Sprinkler is made of durable materials. It is made of waterproof materials. The back wheels help to provide smooth water travel. This ensures that the lawn is evenly watered. You can control how far the sprinkler can travel choosing from the 3-position speed control
  3. Travel Sprinkler travels far on the path of any hose – The sprinkler can follow the hose direction depending on its pattern. The hose helps to guide the front wheel since the water powers the back wheels while the Sprinkler rotates with ease
  4. Three-speed control position – You can control the watering with ease. This is done by choosing from the 3-position control. You can choose high, low or neutral. Whatever suits you of the three position control, will water the garden with precision.
  5. Automated shut-off with ease – It is easy to shut-off the watering at any point in time. You can use the ramp at any point along the length of the hose. The ramp helps to shut-off the sprinkler automatically.
  6. Adjustable wider watering coverage – Increasing the watering coverage is super easy. Just adjust the spray arm and the watering diameter increases to as much as 55 feet form 15 feet.
  7. Self-propelled sprinkler – Just position the sprinkler in any pattern you want and the sprinkler will start watering the lawn or garden without any human effort. The pressure from the water allows the sprinkler to go up as much as 200 feet along the hose pattern.


Travelling Sprinkler is a nice automated way to water your garden without worrying about under watering or over watering as far as the sprinkler is timed. Gone are the days where you have to drag a 100 feet long hose in a different direction to water plants. That can be very exhaustive. Using a Sprinkler will conserve your energy. Make plant watering very easy by using the Orbit 58322 Travelling Sprinkler. This will save you lots of time and money in the long run.


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