Sun Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E is a sophisticated electric mower in terms of design. There are four colors for you to choose from – red, green, dark blue and black. It is a 14-inch, 12 Amp electric mower. It also comes with a grass catcher. This mower is perfectly suited for small yards. The blades are extra sharp and made of steel. It has a 3 position height adjustment. With a 3 position height adjustment, you can decide to cut the grass to the ground if you wish or leave it with some turf for the purpose of grooming. The mower has a large 10.6 gallon removable back bag that makes grass disposal very easy.


  1. It has 14-inch cutting deck
  2. It comes with a powerful 12 Amp motor
  3. It machine starts without oil or gas
  4. It has a safety switch in order to prevent the accident
  5. It comes with a detachable bag

Height Adjustment

Sun Joe comes with the option of 3 position height adjustment. There is low, medium and high. At low, the machine can cut the grass completely to the ground. At high, there is turf left. At medium, the grass almost cut to the ground.

Motor Power

Sun Joe is a durable electric mower with a huge 12 Amp. Powering the machine is so effortless. 12 Amp is mainly used on a 20-inch cutting deck. It is surprising to have a machine that has a 14-inch deck and powered by a 12 Amp motor. It means the machine will start at any time without any delay. There is no doubt that 12 Amp on a 14-inch cutting deck machine makes it an overloaded mower.

However, it is worthy of commendation to have such a huge motor on a very small machine like the Sun Joe MJ401E. It means there would never be any disappointments when powering the machine.

Quality of Cutting

Sun Joe is very ideal for small yards as mentioned earlier. Using it on a small yard means the job will be done without much stress. Using is on the large area may impact on the performance of the machine. When working on a small yard, the machine just needs to make a few passes on the grass and the job will be done neat and clean. Scalping may be unavoidable on an expanse of land. It will do a very satisfactory and thorough job on a small yard. Try to avoid speeding up the machine. Just do a spot at a time.


Sun Joe has got a plastic body. It comes with very small wheels. The machine requires little or no maintenance. Ensure that you keep it under a shed so as to avoid the adverse effects of a harsh weather especially a scorching sun that may have a negative effect on the plastic body.

Cost Effectiveness

Sun Joe is truly cost-effective. If you have a small yard, and you want something that is not expensive, Sun Joe MJ401E is the best bet for you because it is made for durability. It is a portable mower that can be stored anywhere. It won’t take much space because of its compact design.


Sun Joe is an elegant mower that performs excellently under any weather. It can do every other job that a big mower can do as far as it is used in a small yard. It is the best solution for small yard lawn mowing. The machine is made strong, durable and reliable. If you want a mower that is pocket-friendly, make no mistake about it, it just has to be Sun Joe .


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