Sugar Tip Rose of Sharon Live Shrub, Light Pink Flowers

Sugar Tip Rose is an enchanting plant with very beautiful flowers. It has got fascinating foliage too. It is really sweet as its name implies. The plant has got bluish hue with yellowish green that is very attractive. The plant is a charmer to butterflies and hummingbirds. It is a plant that can withstand heat and drought all year round. It has got a very compact size that is possible to be grown in containers. Having this hibiscus in any landscapes is an instant transformation. The embellishment brings to any environment is a breath of fresh air. The beauty of the flowers is greatly enhanced due to its variegated foliage. Deer cannot dare go close to the plant because it prefers sucking other juicy plants. It makes summer gardens very welcoming. The plant is very adaptable. It needs consistent maintenance. It is a plant that enjoys the full sun.


Sugar Rose comes in daring pink flowers. It blossoms from mid-summer to early spring. It features very attractive white-variegated bluish-green foliage that flourishes all through the season. The leaves are fantastic ornamentally, but the fruit is of no significance.

Landscape Attributes

Sugar Rose is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub. By being “deciduous”, it means it can shed its leaves all by itself. Meaning you do not have much to do in that area. It has got the habit of always spreading itself upright. This is its usual growth pattern. The plant has an average texture that blends perfectly into any landscapes. For an effective composition, the Rose of Sharon can be balanced with three or more trees or shrubs to make a nice combination. It is a plant that requires a high level of maintenance.

Its maintenance has to be very regular. The best time to prune it is during the late winter. It is regarded as the best time because by then severe cold would have been over. If you want to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your environment, Rose of Sharon is the right plant for that purpose.

Sugar Tip is suitable for landscape applications such as mass planting, container planting, and general garden use.

Planting and Growing Sugar Tip Rose

Rose grows up to 10 feet tall at the point of maturity. At this point, it can spread up to 6 feet. It is a plant that is tall and thin. It is a plant that has longevity. It can live for up to 40 years and more.

Shrub is at its best when there is full sun. It is a plant that grows well in moisture conditions. Rose of Sharon should not be allowed to go dry. The plant can stand pollution in the urban areas. It can do so well in inner cities too.

Tip Rose is a splendid choice for landscapes that are outdoor. It is also well suited for pots and containers that are put outdoor too. The plant can flourish when planted on earth like in a garden or yard, but if it is in a pot, it will need constant watering in order to survive.

Care for Sugar Tip Rose

Tip Rose requires proper care and dedicated attention. The following are the ways to care for the plant

  1. Cut off dead or disease infected branches anytime you see them
  2. Its branches to just about three buds when it is around February; just before the new growth shows up. Pruning shears are the right tool for this purpose.
  3. Always water the shrub thoroughly and regularly.

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