Sun Joe Mower Manual Reel Mower with Catcher

Sun Joe Mower is easy to use the mower. It is a lightweight, maneuverable and powerful mower that comes with a catcher. The mower can handle very tough areas very easily. It is a mower that is very economical. It is the perfect solution for your lawns. It also has a collection bag where all the cut grass can be stored and emptied later or be used as compost. With a 16-inch wide cutting that has four position adjustment levelers, you will definitely have an appealing lawn. There is no messy gas with this machine. It is very easy to push around especially if you are working on a small lawn. It weighs 29.5x22x53.1 inches.

Key Features

  1. Adjustable height settings
  2. It has a foldable handle
  3. 8.8-inch wheels
  4. Zero maintenance cost
  5. It comes with a detachable clipping bag. It can hold close to 6.6 gallons of clippings
  6. With 5 steel blades


Sun  Mower has got an excellent performance. Like every other push reel mower, the way it is pushed will determine how nice the lawns cutting will be. It should always be forward-pushing except in very difficult areas. The mower is also very efficient. The mower comes with a U-shaped handle that makes it very convenient to push. Its 16-inch deck does a great job by making the lawns very smooth. It is a mower that is very ultra-light. Pushing it around is very effortless. It is fitted with a leveler that levels the lawns perfectly. Maintenance is zero. It has a bag collection too. All the cut grass can be stored in the bag and easily be emptied or be used as compost at the garden or farm.

Easy to use

Sun Joe Mower is so easy to use. The mower is very strong. It can cut very stubborn grass without stress. It is light to push around too.

Quality and Options

Sun Mower is a decent mower that has 5 steel blades that can slice the grass to pieces with so much ease. Smooth cutting is exactly what you should expect from this machine. There are also 4 adjustable height settings. Using the first two settings will give your lawn an admirable look. The shortest setting is 0.8 inch. The setting at 0.8 inches will completely level the lawns. The adjustment at 1.8-inch height will maintain the lawns nicely especially if you are interested in grooming the lawns. At 4 inches, it will require many passes to cut the grass to a satisfactory level.

snow joe sun mower

Joe Sun Mower allows you to have the option of attaching a small-sized collection bag to the mower for the purpose of collecting the cut grass. It makes sense to use the bag to collect all the cut grass instead of using a rake to put them together after the cutting.


Snow Joe Sun Mower lives up to expectation when it comes to maintenance. There are many new mowers that fall apart after the first use. This mower will give no such problems. It is very durable and rugged too. It is built to last.  It is a solid product.

Cost Effectiveness

Sun Mower is really very cost effective. It is an affordable mower that is of high performance. Its maintenance-free claim by the manufacturer is very reassuring. You do not have to be mechanically inclined to operate the machine. This is a machine that will help you to do a great job as a contractor or as anyone in the lawn cutting business.

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