Raintrain Sprinkler Nelson Traveling 13,500 square feet

Raintrain Sprinkler from the stables of Nelson is a classic sprinkler for the watering of your lawn. This Sprinkler is very effective. The Sprinkler Rain Train uses the force of water to produce enough pressure to sprinkle your lawn using a customized hose pattern. This Sprinkler can travel up to 200 feet and has a wide coverage of about 13,500 square feet.

Rain train has a 3-position speed that allows for easy adjustment of the watering in order to cover a large lawn effectively. It comes with a sensitive water shut-off that helps to converse water; thereby, preventing water waste. Just set the Sprinkler from its starting point, turn it on and just relax while it does the watering with ease. This is complete peace of mind. No more dragging of long hose in a different direction to water your lawn. That is just a waste of time and energy.

Raintrain Sprinkler

Sprinkler rain train is the smart way to cater for your lawn without a sweat. It is made to last for a long time because it is made of quality, durable materials. It is made of heavy-duty cast iron body. The Sprinkler is so easy to set up and control. It is very dependable and reliable.

Raintrain Sprinkler Features

  1. It uses the power of water pressure – The Sprinkler Rain Train maximizes the power of water pressure that is gets from the hose to water the lawn. This water pressure is the force behind the rotation of the large back wheels that effectively ensures the saturation of water all across the lawn no matter how large the lawn is.
  2. Aligns with a customized path – The Sprinkler Rain Train is very intelligent. Whether you choose a straight hose pattern or zigzag hose pattern, the watering will follow the pattern will have customized for it. So, the Sprinkler is self-propelled. Set the pattern and see the Sprinkler do a fantastic job.
  3. Automatic shut-off – The Sprinkler Rain Train is capable of shutting off on its own. This helps to conserve water. Using automatic shut-off ramp gives you the opportunity to set it up and the Sprinkler will automatically shut-off when it gets to the ramp
  4. Easy adjustment spray arm arms – The Sprinkler can cover up to 55 feet if you have a large lawn. Turn the spray arms downward and it will cover 15 feet of the area. If you turn the arms upward it will cover a maximum of 55 feet. If the weather is windy, just position the spray arm and relax

Highlighted Features

  1. It comes with a cast-iron body along with a chip-resistant powder coated paint
  2. It can cover close to 13,500 square feet
  3. It can cover up to 200 feet of the hose length
  4. It has an adjustable spray arm that helps to provide a wide coverage range of up to 5.5 diameter
  5. It comes with a durable cast-iron body
  6. It has a 3-position speed setting – Fast, Slow and Neutral
  7. It has an automatic shut-off ramp that is very easy to set up


Sprinkler rain train makes the watering of your lawn the ideal way to take care of your lawn. This Sprinkler has been the partner of yard owners to decades. So, it is tested and trusted. Using the hose pattern to water your lawn shows the flexibility that the sprinkler has. The Sprinkler is very affordable. Do not waste energy dragging your hose every time to water the lawn, just go for the Sprinkler Rain Train and relieve yourself of stress. Do lawn watering the smart way and see your lawn go healthily.

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