Propane stove Gas Grill Coleman Classic

Propane stove Gas Grill is best suited for outdoors – camping, picnics, tailgating, boating, etc. With this grill, barbecues can be done anywhere. The grill is ideal for grill masters who do not want to confine themselves to a particular spot. This is not the standard grill that is kept in the backyard permanently because it is very big. This propane gas grill is ultra-portable, durable and very versatile. You can carry it from one place to another and make the business of grilling continue no matter the location.

Propane Grill comes in stainless steel design that is very easy to clean. Its design is so compact. It comes with a locking lid, foldable legs and front-carrying handles that are made convenient for carrying the gas grill.

propane stove-classic

Propane Grill has a small, disposable one-pound propane cylinder.


  1. Locking hood – The grill has a locking hood. So, when you put the grill in the back of your car or truck, you do not have to bother yourself about the flipping of the top. With the locking hood, you just lock it up and that is it. When you arrive at your destination where you want to use it, you can simply unlock it and the business of grilling starts again. The grill is exactly the size of a large briefcase.
  2. Stainless Burner – The propane gas grill has a U-shaped burner that ensures there is a consistent heat coming from the cooking surface of the grill. It means that all the food on the grill will be cooked evenly no matter the side that they are placed. There is no point in rotating the food every time in order to find the best spot for the food to get properly cooked because the heat is regularly distributed.
  3. Great Construction – The grill is made of stainless steel. As such, it can withstand harm. Scratches on the stainless steel are hardly visible.
  4. Grilling is on-the-go – This gas grill has a small, one-pound propane tank. This means the cylinder can be carried along with the grill easily. You can pick up the cylinder from a store in your locality or from a camping store after refilling it. The gas cylinder is also very easy to fill. You do not have to overwhelm yourself with a large propane tank that goes with the standard, bogus grill that is permanently stationed at the backyard. This grill cylinder can be moved by easily dropping it at the back of your car or tied to your motorbike.

Portability –

The grill is ultra-portable. You can fold the legs with ease and lock it down. It can be carried anywhere without any sweat. It is a small grill but it can take up to 10 burgers all the same time along with the hot dog, chicken, meat, etc.



  1. It has a cooking area that is 305 square inches
  2. It has a U-shaped stainless steel burner
  3. It has 10,000 BTUs
  4. It comes with folding legs that make it be really portable to carry around
  5. It is 16.5×12.25×26.5 inches in dimension
  6. It comes with a locking hood for transport or storage
  7. It is the ideal grill for outdoor activities
  8. It is super easy to clean since it is made of stainless steel


Propane stove Gas Grill is a must-have for lovers of barbeques. If you always have a party or any outdoor events, this grill is the ideal one for you. This is the perfect grill for those who do barbeque business for a living. You can take it anywhere you are needed. This grill means barbeque anywhere, anytime and any day.

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