Poulan Pro Mower Side Discharge

Poulan Pro Mower is a gas-powered push lawn mower that comes with a dependable Briggs and Stratton 140cc engine which belongs to the 500E series of engines. It has a 21-inch cutting deck. It is a machine that gets the dirty job done easily. It is a 2-in-1 mower that helps to sweep the grass to one side and also has the mulching option. The mower is fitted with 4-height adjustment positions that help to adjust the height of the cutting deck with ease. It has a gigantic back wheel that is 11 inches. It weighs about 63 pounds. Maneuvering of the mower is super easy too.

Important Features

  1. 500E 140cc Briggs and Stratton powerful engine
  2. Sharp 21-inch cutting deck
  3. 2-in-1 discharge and mulching capability
  4. 4-adjustment heights with 5 positions
  5. Very strong 7-inch front wheels and 12-inch back wheels


Pro Mower delivers top-notch performance. It has a superb engine from the Briggs and Stratton. The engine is very strong, durable and reliable. It is made of a heavy-duty body that makes the machine extra rugged. The machine is light-weight despite being made of a heavy duty body. It can handle inclines perfectly due to its strong back wheels. The machine does an excellent job on an even ground. It does not scalp the grass at all. This is due to its strong wheels and the height adjustment options. The mover is very tough on stubborn weeds and hard grass.

Ease of use

Pro Mower comes pre-installed. When you fold out its handle and put the bolts and nuts together, next is to start the engine. Ensure that the bolts and nuts are well tightened. What you have after assembling it is a mower that is very ruthless on grass. Remember to fill it with oil and gas before you start the engine. The back wheels are so easy to control. It can also be maneuvered effortlessly on an uneven land. Bumps won’t affect the mower at all because the back wheels ensure that the mower is well balanced. To pour oil into the engine, you will need a small funnel. It does not gulp too much gas at all.

Cut Quality

Poulan Mower has a 4-point cutting height adjustment that allows the machine to cut the grass to the desired level. The adjustments can be done at the same time on all the four wheels. There is a handle on each wheel that makes it possible to adjust the height either up or down. Wonderful! If the land is uneven, you can adjust the wheels in order to get a balance and cut the grass without the sweat.


Poulan is very easy to maintain. If you want to keep the mower for a long time without any activities, ensure that you drain the oil and fuel. Put new oil.

poulan pro mower-machine

Any time you decide to use the mower, drain the old oil again and fill it up with the new one. Start the machine and leave it for like 20 minutes to allow the fuel in the carburetor to dry up. Endeavor to keep it clean by removing all the grass in the cutting deck.

Cost Effectiveness

Poulan Mower is very cost effective. Some of the mowers out are a bit expensive, yet, they do not have 4 height adjustment positions like the Poulan Pro Mower. The mower is of high quality. It is very efficient and reliable. It makes sense to have this mower because of its unparallel performance. It is a mower that is made for durability.

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