Best Motion activated sprinkler with Day and Night Detection

Motion Activated Sprinkler by Orbit is the best way to ward off pests like deer and animals like dogs from your farm or garden. This is the most effective way to repel intruders whether pests, animals or humans. It stops cats from invading the flowerbeds.

There have been different measures in the past to repel pests and animals but they are not as effective as this Enforcer. It is very easy to use and control. This device is all about simplicity. Making a fence to deter cats from invading the garden is crazy expensive. Creating nets to ward off deer is never guaranteed. Using deer repellents wears off within a short period of time. All of these measures have failed woefully. The Sprinkler is the right answer to critters that are bent on wreaking havoc on your farm or garden.

The Sprinkler has proven over and over again to be the smart solution to keeping off pests and animals from your garden, lawn, and farm. The device can cover up to 1,600 square feet area. It is capable of controlling birds, cats, squirrels, dogs, deer, rabbit, and other pests and animals.


  1. Effective pest deterrent – If you are tired of animals or pests destroying your flowers, farm or garden, this Sprinkler is your sure bet. It uses a combination of water, sound and other ingenious methods to deter animals and pests from invading the landscapes. It deters critters without harming them.
  2. Works using three Detection Modes – The Enforcer comes with an exclusive Detection Mode. The Detection Mode makes it easy for you to control the device when it is activated. You can use the device during the daytime if you want, you can also activate 24/7 all-around protection by choosing “Always On”. If you want to deter critters only at night, you can choose “Night Only”. The device is that flexible.

Wide area coverage –

The Activated Sprinkler has a powerful infrared sensor. This infrared sensor can detect any intruder from up to 40 feet away. It has a very wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, which is about 1,600 square feet of all-around protective coverage just from one unit.

Watering Equipment-watering

  1. Works well as a sprinkler – The Activated Sprinkler has a 30 minutes watering cycle which enables the device to work as a timed sprinkler. This helps to water the garden or farm at any time watering is needed.
  2. Expanded spraying zone – This device can increase the coverage of its watering area. This can be done by connecting more sprinklers through the double flow-through ports
  3. Night and Day deterrent – The Sprinkler is able to deter intruders both during the daytime and night. It is easy to choose the time that you want deterrent to be enforced
  4. Arc Motion Sensor – This device has a 120 degrees Arc Motion Sensor which if activated is capable of warding off pests and animals with ease
  5. Intelligent Sensing technology – This Intelligent Sensing technology is able to conserve the AA battery and water too. This helps to deter critters without wasting much energy or water

Best motion activated sprinkler

Motion Sprinkler is the ideal device for the deterrent of animals and pests such as birds, squirrels, rabbits, dogs, and deer. It is a cost-effective way to control the movement of unwanted critters from causing damage to your lawn, farm, garden or any other vegetation. With this Enforcer, you won’t need to employ anyone to man the device. It is a self-propelled device. No more expensive fence; no more unreliable deer net. Just purchase the Motion Activated Sprinkler and activate.

It is the best motion activated sprinkler.  Whom are using they know about this. Its performance are great then others. Its outlook also good some people anxious about sprinkler it may spoil the beauty of garden. Its outlook just cool when you will buy you will understand why I told this the best motion sprinkler.


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