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Live Shrub Sweet Summer Love Red-Purple Flowers

Live Shrub is a plant with radiance and embellishment. It is a love-able shrub that has got beautiful flowers and enticing fragrance. Sweet Summer Love, has it also called, is really sweet. It is the very first fragrant plant with purple-red flowered color amongst the Clematis species.

The plant will be noticed anywhere it is kept because of its powerful perfume. It is an awarding winning plant. It won the Green Thumb Award for the best new plant 2014. When the plant is in its first year, it does not grow much. Most part of the first year is used in growing its roots. It picks up in the second year. It does not litter the ground with its seedling. It is very easy to grow too.

Plant is from the world renowned flower breeder from Poland, Szczepan Marczynski.

Shrub – Care 

Shrub thrives in well-drained, somewhat alkaline soil, with its roots well protected and its top part well exposed to the sun. It requires mulch soil surface in order for it to have enough moisture. You need to water it very deeply. The watering has to be regular in its first year so as for it to establish its root firmly in the soil.

Shrub – Watering

It requires watering weekly. Watering can be done daily especially during extreme heat.

Shrub – Landscape Attributes

Shrub is a multi-stemmed plant. It is also a deciduous plant with a twinning and sprawling characteristic growth. Its texture blends perfectly into the landscape. It does not require much maintenance. When it starts to grow, it should be pruned back to 2 feet to make the plant sturdier. The plant attracts hummingbirds anywhere it is planted.

The plant can be used on fences, walls or planted along the border on wired frames. Wherever it is planted, it is surely going to enhance the landscape. It is a disease-resistant plant. The plant has no bad characteristics. The plant is recommended for different landscapes such as container planting, accent, hedges, and general garden use.

Live Shrub – Planting and Growing

The plant can grow up to 7 feet tall during its prime of life. It can also spread more than 20 inches. It is characteristically a climbing plant. It is a tall and thin plant from the base. It makes sense to plant it near the fence or wall.

Shrub has longevity. It can live for more than 20 years if well taken care of. It is advised that it is exposed to full sunlight. It does so well in moist conditions. It is a plant that is not picky when it comes to soil type. It can grow on any soil. It is a rugged plant that tolerates urban pollution. Always apply substantial mulch around its root whether in the summer or winter so as to conserve soil moisture that the plant needs so much.

Shrub is ideal for outdoor landscape. It is also well suited for outdoor containers. It is a spilling plant. So, it should be planted where it can spill either on the fence or wall. It is important to note that the performance of the plant in a pot won’t be same as the one planted on the landscape. The plant will require more watering if it is planted in outdoor containers


It is a perfume-rich plant. If you want your environment to be well scented, this plant is recommended for you. It will beautify your home. It is also a big attraction for hummingbirds. The good part of it is that the plant is disease-resistant.