Greenworks Lawn Mower 12 Amp Corded

Greenworks Lawn Mower 25022 is a plug mower that is not gas powered. The electric lawn mower comes with a very potent 12 amp motor. It also has a cutting radius that is up to 100 feet. The mower can handle background mowing very perfectly. Because it is an electric mower, it is very quiet. In fact, it is quieter than most gas power-driven lawn mowers. The mower produces zero emission when used. It means that the mower can be used at any time of the day. You do not have to worry about disturbing noise that may annoy your neighbors. It also means there is a reduction of carbon when you use this electrically powered mower compared to gas-powered mowers.


Greenworks Mower has a lot of power to mow the lawn very smoothly. Fears being entertained by consumers on the efficiency of the mower are neither here nor there. The mower has got a 21 inch wide cutting deck. This makes it one of the best electric mowers in the market. It is as wide as that of the gas-powered mowers. Its 12 inches wide cutting deck means that there is a high level of efficiency when it comes to cutting your lawns.

Greenworks Mower has a lot of features that will make mowing an enjoyable task. It has three grass clippings management options. It is very easy to discharge the clippings through the side chute. This helps to give a neat row on the lawn. It is a mower that is well suited for stadium grasses. You can also use the mulching plug. The mulching plug will make the cutting deck chop the grass clipping into smaller pieces.


Lawn Mower has some great features that make it a powerful mower. Here are the features of the mower:

  1. Environmentally friendly: The Greenworks Mower runs very quietly. Apart from that, it is also very friendly to the environment. Unlike the gas-powered mower, this electric mower is noiseless. With this mower, there are no noise disturbances that are associated with other types of gas-powered mowers.
  2. Three grass clipping management options: This electric mower has three grass clipping management options that you can use to cut the grass neatly and make it appealing. There is the standard size discharge, the mulching kit to chop the clippings that can break grasses into pieces, or you add the bag assembly to collect the clippings which can be used as compost or be disposed of.

    Seven height adjustment

    Greenworks Lawn Mower

    The mower comes with a seven height adjustment that gives the lawn a nice cut. This helps to achieve a perfect cutting. Giving your lawn a perfect cut can help to avoid diseases such as brown spot and weed problems. The mower has a cutting range that ensures that the lawn is cut gradually to achieve the desired level of cutting. The final result is a lawn that is very beautiful.

Extra wide cutting: The mower has an extra wide cutting. A mower with an extra wide cutting does mowing effortlessly. Lawn cutting is fun with the Lawn Mower. It has a cutting deck that is 20 inches wide, which makes a better choice than other mowers.

Extra lightweight: The mower weighs about 56 pounds, which makes it an ultra-light electric mower. It has a dimension of 36.7×19.8×22.5 inches.

In conclusion, the Greenworks is a well corded electric mower that is very durable with high performance. It is very efficient too. It is a big plus to the environment since it has no emission or carbon. It is a product that delivers with unparallel performance.



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