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Gardenia Bonsai is one of the best plants among the different types of Bonsai. It is a very short plant. It is a variation of the Gardenia jasminoides. It is an evergreen plant that is very glossy with beautiful dark green leaves.

Bonsai usually bears white flowers with a very lovely fragrance that will make you want to have one in your home. It is a nice plant to have in any environment. It greatly helps to beautify the environment. It can also be presented as a gift to someone very special.

Bonsai offers a perfect opportunity to feel nature at its best. It is a plant that is native to China and Japan. The plant has been depicted in the art of these two countries for over a hundred years.

How to water Bonsai

Bonsai must be moisty. Ensure the soil is well spread before watering the plant. Make sure that the plant is not bushy. It is very easy to tell when the plant needs water. When the plant lacks water, the surface becomes very dry when you touch it. When the plant is well watered, the soil surface shows it. The color will turn deep chocolate brown.

Gardenia watering should be properly done. Pour water on the plant for at least 5 minutes to ensure that the soil is well soaked in water. Do not allow the soil to go dry completely at any point in time. Try using water that does not have chemicals. Constant watering makes the plant to blossom. It also makes it look creamy.


Gardenia is an outdoor plant. As such, it needs exposure to sunlight for at least 2 to 3 hours. But if you want to keep it indoors, ensure that it is closer to the window where it can get some sunlight for it to grow well.


It is a plant that needs adequate fertilizer. It requires acid fertilizer for at least 5 to 6 weeks. Continue to add fertilizer even after the new leaves begin to come out.


pruning should be carried out regularly in order to give the plant a good shape and size that will make it look very lovely. The pruning should be done when its flowering season is gone.

gardenia bonsai
gardenia bonsai

It would die if you do not prune it regularly due to weeds. Ensure that all the dead leaves are removed so as to allow new growth of flowers and leaves. Try to straighten the branches gently so as to occupy the right positions. The pruning can be done in different styles. You can prune it to have an umbrella shape or the semi cascade shape.


Bonsai is known as a tropical plant. As such, it requires an environment that is warm and humid. 70 to 75 degree is a perfect temperature during the day. 62 degree is okay at night. The plant should be indoors when the sun is very harsh or when the temperature is very cold. If the plant is kept indoors, it should always be close to the window so that it can be exposed to sunlight.


It should not be eaten or be taken for a vegetable. Some plants may be harmless; some other plants may contain toxins.

Important Note

Bonsai flower buds have the tendency to drop off before they blossom. There are many reasons for this premature dropping of buds. It could be due to over or under watering of the plant, unexpected temperature change, harsh night temperature that may be over 75 Fahrenheit or inadequate light. Not having enough light makes the plant to go dry fast.

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