Faucet Timer Outlet Programmable

Faucet Timer is the ideal water timer you need for the watering of your farm and garden. The timer will definitely turn your hose faucet into a sprinkler routine that is programmed to water plants as scheduled by you. With this water timer, you won’t have stunted diseased and dead plants in your gardens or farms. No more water logged lawn because you forgot to shut the tap. Just set the timer to the desired time for watering your garden and farm and go to sleep; the timer will trigger off and start to water your garden or farm even if you are not there. It waters the plants at the exact time set and stops at the exact time set for it to stop.

The timer has a large LCD digital display and an oversized dial. The dial is just one touch with immediate response. Its responsiveness is very impressive. Its control is very simple and the programming is super easy. The timer is built with top quality materials. It is water-resistant. That should be obvious.

Faucet Timer watering
Faucet Timer watering

Faucet one-dial timer that allows for complete control. It is very effective and very effective using the AA batteries. You can set the clock with ease; set the watering time, set how often you want the plants watered, set how many times you want the plants watered, and the faucet timer will obey your command without making any mistakes. It also helps to save water when there is a serious drought. The timer’s manual button allows for easy program interruption any time you wish to interrupt it.


The timer ensures there is no more over watering or under watering which is one of the reasons that causes plants stunted growth or the death. Once the device has been timed, it starts at exactly the time and stops at the exact time it is supposed to stop. The timer is the perfect way to save water and money. This will eventually lead to a reduction in your water bills.


The faucet will put your mind at rest because you won’t have to worry about anything concerning the watering of your garden and farm as far as you have set the time for watering the plants and the time to stop watering the plants. Its construction is of high quality that will make it be durable. This is a dependable and reliable partner for your gardens and farms. Having this water timer will save you a lot of money because there would be no need to employ anyone to man the garden or farm in case you are too busy. The water timer is your best employee. It is a product with longevity. Your plants will grow very well now since watering will longer be an issue. The timer is suited for especially irrigation farms and football pitches. With this water timer, you are sure of healthy plants.


  1. There is rain delay for the purpose of conserving water
  2. The water timer works best with AA finger-sized battery
  3. It has a heavy-duty waterproof construction that looks very attractive
  4. There is an interval from every 6 hours and it could also be one a week
  5. The water timer is very flexible because it allows for easy manual watering
  6. It helps to save water during the time of drought
  7. The water timer is very easy to set and use.


The faucet is a fantastic device for the watering of gardens and farms; not forgetting stadiums. This is a farmer’s friend. With this water timer, food productivity will surely increase.

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