Blackstone Grills Tailgaters Combo Adjustable Legs


Blackstone Grills Tailgaters is surely the ideal, portable and all-purpose cooking system for your outdoor activities. It comes with changeable legs which are the guarantee that you can cook anywhere and the grill can stand on equal legs even if the ground is uneven. It has two burners to ensure that you can cook different things all at the same time. With 60,000 BTU, you are sure of quick and intense high temperature. The Tailgater has two burners that can be independently controlled. There is one H tube stainless burner and another cast iron burner. The H tube burner puts out 15,000 BTUs while the cast iron burner is capable of putting out 20,000 BTUs. Any of the burners that you use will deliver a satisfactory job.

Blackstone Tailgaters is very convenient and perfectly easy to set in a matter of minutes. Its design and construction are great. It is made of a sturdy steel frame that is very durable and powder-coated so that it does not get rust. It is made so solid that it weighs 85 pounds. Its grilling side measures 15 x 15 inches, while the griddling side measures 18 x 14 inches.

Key Features

  1. It has long-lasting burner frame
  2. Two independently operated burners
  3. 60,000 BTU output
  4. Adjustable legs that can stand level on any ground
  5. Large multipurpose BBG surface



Why go for Blackstone Grills Tailgaters?

  1. Versatility – The Tailgater is versatile. You can enjoy many setup combinations with this grill. You can decide to use the grill box and griddle all at the same time. Alternatively, you can remove both the grill box and griddle and use the two burners for pot and pan. It is very possible to keep the grill box and griddle and use just one burner. It is that versatile. With a gas grill and griddle, it is so easy for you to cook and barbeque at the same time. Savor the cooking varieties and understand this is a superb grill
  2. Ease of use – Blackstone Tailgaters is very easy to use and set up. You can set it up with unparallel ease. It comes with adjustable legs that ensure it stays level no matter the ground. So, uneven grounds won’t be an excuse when you want to cook is any landscape.
  3. Portability – This perfect combo of both grill and grill is suited for any events. There is almost no assembling needed to set up the Tailgater. It can be easily dropped at your car boot and taken anywhere. It is not just portable; it is also very reliable and dependable too.

Durability –

The Tailgater is made to last for a long time. Most part of this equipment is made of steel. For instance, the Tailgater has a heavy-duty grill box with vent, cast iron grill grates and cold rolled griddle steel plate. So, there are no fears about it wearing out soon. Everything concerning its construction speaks durability

Price competitiveness – The price of the Tailgater is very competitive in the market when compared to other grills in the same category.

Blackstone Tailgaters is an equipment with high performance. Being a grill and griddle makes it splendid for outdoors. The fact that the material it is made of is top-notch speaks volumes. This is the right grill and griddle for anyone who wants to make a mark in the food business. Its quality speaks for itself. Its reliability and dependability are not in doubt. Mark no mistake about it; this is a worthwhile possession that will delight you with every meal that you make.


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