Blackstone Dash Portable Grill for Outdoor Cooking

Blackstone Dash Portable Grill is a lightweight and portable grill that is well suited for outdoor activities like fishing, camping, boating, tailgating or any other form of outdoor activities. The beautiful thing about this grill is that grease from any food you are cooking won’t ever fall into the burner holes or clog the grill. With this grill, it is easy to do asparagus because none of it will fall into the grill. You can also turn the griddle and use it to cook eggs. That makes 2-in-1. This grill uses 1lb propane bottles. Tailgaters would mostly find this grill very useful because an adapter and hose can be used with this grill to connect with other bigger propane tanks.

Portable Grill is solidly built with outdoor goers in mind. It is very easy to carry because it is like a briefcase, as such; it is so easy to set up. It has about 247 square inches of cooking space. The cooking space is enough to cook 10 burgers or 20 hot dogs all at once. That is enough for the whole family. Cleaning up the grill has never been easy. With just a paper towel, the grill becomes sparkling clean and cooking can start again. This is so lovely. You can cook faster with the grill because it comes with 7,500 BTU. That is a lot of heat to get your food done without wasting much time.

Blackstone dash portable grill Features

  1. Ultra-portable – This is a grill in a briefcase. It makes travel super easy. The grill is highly portable. It comes with a retractable handle with built-in wheels so that you can roll it.
  2. Easy to set up – The grill is so easy to set up. It can be set up in less than one minute. It comes with a Stow-and-Go stand for a fast set up.
  3. Griddle cooking surface – The grill has a griddle surface. This means you can cook anything that you want from breakfast to dinner
  4. Fast cooking – With 7,500 BTU, whatever you are cooking gets ready so fast. Yes, it means hunger won’t be for too long. Who doesn’t like that?

Why choose Portable Grill?

  1. Durability – This grill is built to last for a long time. It is not like other grills that start to get rust after a few months of use. It is made of high-quality materials. The body of the grill is made of steel and a protective coating to prevent rust. Its burner is made of stainless steel. The plate you would find under the grill is made of sheet metal. All of these bore the hallmark of durability.
  2. Fuel efficiency – The grill gets a lot done by burning less fuel. This makes it very economical.
  3. Wind resistance – Wind doesn’t get in the way of this grill. So, you are assured of smooth cooking without wind disturbances. This is possible because the grill doesn’t have any holes where wind can come through and embarrass you while cooking
  4. Ease of control – This grill is very easy to control. Its regulator has low, medium and high settings. The regulator is placed where nothing obstructs it. That is so cool.
  5. Competitive price – This grill with all its features still comes very affordable. The price is highly competitive in comparison with other grills in its category.


Dash Portable Grill is a great product to have. It makes cooking so convenient. If you do a barbecue business, this is the grill that will boost your business. For outdoor persons, this is the real deal. For the home user, this is a fantastic grill.