Automatic Sprinkler System Kit Rain Bird 32ETI

Automatic Sprinkler System 32ETI from Rain Bird is an sprinkler for the watering of your lawn. The Sprinkler is very easy to set up. It makes use of AA batteries. If you are tired of carrying your hose every day to water your lawn without any visible results, it is high time you used this marvelous sprinkler that has helped many homeowners for decades. It has been tested and trusted over the years.

The Sprinkler can effectively distribute water evenly when watering the lawn. If you do not like brown spots on your lawn, your best bet for a greener lawn is to have this sprinkler system that is capable of watering a large area of about 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. The installation can be done in just 5 minutes. The Sprinkler is very easy to install because it is mostly a Do-It-Yourself installation. The installation is not complicated at all.

Automatic System comes with a patented Rain Curtain nozzle technology that makes sprinkler to rotate with ease in order to ensure even watering of your lawn. It also resists wind that usually affects watering. Wind is a huge disturbance when you are watering your lawn. The Sprinkler is dependable and reliable. The style of the watering can be customized very easily. For example, there is “Water Now” and “Cancel Watering” setting. This helps to provide optimum control of the watering system.


  1. Sprinkler waters the lawn evenly no matter how large the lawn is. Even watering of the lawn helps to get rid of brown spots. Brown spots are clear signs that your lawn is lacking water in some areas. This is highly recommended for homeowners. It has an efficient nozzle that makes the watering of your lawn a piece of cake. Once you activate the “Water Now” setting, you can go to sleep.
  2. The Sprinkler has an easy-to-read timer. Set the watering days, start the timer and watch it do a fantastic job on your lawn.
  3. The use of this sprinkler will make your lawn to look greener than ever. This is done by using less water. It is a highly efficient sprinkler. Proper watering can give your lawn the moisture that it requires to grow and look very stunning. This Sprinkler is like no other in its category. This is the smart way to water your lawn for an impressive result.
Automatic Sprinkler- Watering


  1. This sprinkler has a large easy-to-read screen. You do not need your eyeglasses to read what is on the screen because they are very bold. It comes with a heavy duty timer
  2. It has 6 highly efficient rotary sprinklers. It also has tubing and connector for easy watering of your lawn.
  3. You can easily adjust the coverage of the sprinkler using a flat screwdriver. This is lovely.
  4. The sprinkler can cover a wide area in case you have a large lawn. Uniform coverage of the lawn is so important if you want to see results in the shortest possible time.
  5. You can use the time to schedule the time for watering. Set the timer and walk away. Overwatering is no longer an issue with this sprinkler
  6. Rain Delay technology ensures that watering is suspended from one hour to four days. This does not interrupt the schedule you programmed into the timer earlier.


This Sprinkler is the ideal way to water your lawn. This is a superb sprinkler that delivers satisfactorily. With wind-resistant technology, you would agree with me that this sprinkler is splendid. Go for this sprinkler and get peace of mind.

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