American Lawn Mower 14-Inch 4-Blade

American Lawn Mower is a manually operated. Many more people with smaller yards are now opting out for the normal traditional lawn mowers. The reasons are not far-fetched. One, this manual mower can get the job done as fast as the gas-powered mower. Two, the manual mower makes no noise and, three; the manual mower is so easy to push around. A manual mower has no engine, no oil, and no fuel, yet, it discharges itself creditably.

American Mower can handle smaller tasks without the need for gasoline, big batteries, and power cords. No heavy duty front and back wheels that makes the gas-powered mowers very weighty. This is an inexpensive way to cut your lawns to your desired level.


Lawn Mower is a reel mower. Its operation is entirely manual. It has a 14-inch wide cutting deck. It also has a 3-spider one-blade reel. The 3-spider one-blade is a nice innovation. It helps the cutting reel to spin very quickly. The cutting blade is made of alloy steel. Alloy steels are known to be very durable. They do not get blunt very easily. The handle of the mover comes in T-shape, making it extra comfortable to push around like you are pushing a baby’s trolley. The handle has got strong grips. The machine has a 3 height adjustment position. The mower weighs 19 pounds.


Special Features

Lawn Mower is environmentally-friendly because it produces no emission at all. It is also very cost effective because you won’t need to spend extra money on fuel or maintenance on the engine. Aside from all these advantageous features, there are other features that make this mower a special one.

american lawn mower-cutter

  1. It is very compact and lightweight – American Lawn Mower is very small and its performance is top-notch. Storing this mower won’t be a problem. It can be hung on the wall. Hanging it on the wall makes it be out of the way. It can also be kept in the garage too. No matter how small your compound is, there is a space to keep this mower. It is very light to carry. You do not need any experience to operate this mower. Anyone can operate it whether you are mechanically inclined or not.

3-spider reel operation

The mower has spider ball which helps you to get the cutting reel spinning without wasting any time. It needs just a little push and the mower starts to work. The 3-spider reel option makes grass cutting very splendid

  1. Solid cutting blades and wheels – American Lawn Mower is made of durable parts. For instance, the cutting blade is produced with alloy steel. This means you will not have to sharpen the blade every time because alloy steels do not get blunt so easily. The wheels are so strong that they are able to stand on their own even when they find themselves on an uneven ground. This makes the machine to cut any grass on an uneven ground very excellently without any stress.
  2. Pocket-friendly price – The mower is very pocket-friendly. It is exceptionally affordable when compared to gas-powered mowers. Having this mower means you have saved a lot of money. The mower can do what a gas-powered can do effectively. So, you do not need to waste your money on a gas-powered mower as far as you have a small yard.
  1. No cost on gas and there is no air pollution
  2. It has little or no maintenance cost
  3. It has superior cutting power
  4. It is so easy to operate. It is also easy to store
  5. It works very quietly without irritating noise
  6. It is utterly affordable

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