Gardening is practicing of cultivating plants. For some people, it is the hobby & income supplement. They love it. For full-time commercial activity need big investment big effort, big land. There to have many types of the garden like some people make the garden by vegetable by the small quantity. Bonsai takes a good place for the home garden. It,s increase the beauty of the house. There have indoor gardening & outdoor garden. Indoor garden has one or two trees some office & houses it took place. It,s increase the beauty of house & offices.  wiki

It can be specialized by grown or different kinds of plants. Food production system is the old base of gardening. The English garden Usually located beside the lake, lawns, & often contained shrubberies, grottos,  pavilions such as the mock temple.

Food production system may be based on the place like Riverside, hillside, jungle & season.


In the 18th century, the garden was let by naturally.

To make a Beautiful garden you have to decide perfect tree & well arrange.

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